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Blue Moon Ballroom Dance Supply is Proud to Present Very Fine DanceSport Shoes

No matter what style of dance you choose, Very Fine Dancesport Shoes manufacture and craft a quality shoe for that dance. They were founded in 1998 with the purpose of supplying a quality shoe for ballroom dancers around the globe. Very Fine places a high emphasis on implementing high-end design and premium materials to create a shoe that fits like a glove the first time you wear it on the dance floor. Since their beginning, the principle elements of the company have been focused on service and delivery of quality products with affordable prices. As a result, Very Fine has successfully become one of the largest dance shoe suppliers in the U.S. Their relentless pursuit for perfection has made their dance shoes the first choice of many professional dancers.

Very Fine Dancesport shoes have created multiple brand lines to help the dancer select from the hundreds of beautiful shoes that are available. Classic, Salsera, C Series, Party Party and Signature series lines all deliver comfort and quality for the amateur or professional dancer. The Competitive Dancer Series offers additional padding and other additional features to suit the needs of competition.